Eat Your Way to a Healthy Heart

Eat Your Way to a Healthy Heart
By Liz Applegate, Ph.D.

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Book Description (from the website)
One of the foremost nutritional experts in the U.S. cuts through the fads about how to prevent and reverse the leading causes of cardiovascular disease with a Simple Six Eating Plan for anyone who wants to take control of their health and their life

Demystifying the current science and hype surrounding food and heart health, nutrition expert Liz Applegate offers a practical, common sense Simple Six Eating Plan to control high blood pressure and prevent and even reverse heart disease. From abalone to zucchini, over 100 everyday foods are profiled in an "open anywhere" A-to-Z style, featuring the most recently discovered scientific secrets that every smart eater needs to know, including: how our favorite foods even chocolate can help keep us healthy, the best cheese for a healthy heart, the secrets about red wine, eating strategies for coping with everyday situations from eating on the run to ethnic cuisine that heals. The heart food preparation tips, easy-to-follow recipes, supermarket shopping checklists, and important nutrition facts and eating plan worksheets make this the ultimate guide to healthy heart living.

About the Author
Dr.Liz Applegate, a nationally recognized expert on nutrition and performance, is a faculty member of the Nutrition Department at the University of California, Davis. Her enthusiasm and informal style make her college nutrition classes the nation's largest with annual enrollments exceeding 2,000 students. She recently received the Teaching in Excellence Award from the University of California, Davis. Dr. Applegate also served as the Nutrition Director of the Adult Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs at the University of California. Dr. Paul D. Thompson is the President of the American College of Sports Medicine.