The Complete German Commission E. Monographs: Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines

The Complete German Commission E. Monographs: Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines

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Hardcover - 685 pages 1 edition (August 1, 1998)

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The publisher , August 20, 1998

Table of Contents
Part One - Introduction

Part Two - Monographs - 1). Complete List of Approved Herbs by Approval Status; 2). Approved Herbs; 3). Approved Component Characteristics; 4). Approved Fixed Combinations; 5). Unapproved Herbs; 6). Unapproved Component Characteristics; 7). Unapproved Fixed Combinations

Part Three - Therapeutic Indices - 8). Uses and Indications of Approved Herbs; 9). Contraindications of Approved Herbs; 10). Side Effects of Approved Herbs; 11). Side Effects of Unapproved Herbs; 12). Pharmacological Actions of Approved Herbs; 13). Pharmacological Actions of Unapproved Herbs 14). Interactions of Herbs with Conventional Drugs; 15). Duration of Administration for Approved Herbs

Part Four - Chemical and Taxonomic Indices - 16). Chemical Glossary and Index; 17). Taxonomic Cross-Reference

Part Five - European Regulatory Literature - 18). Excerpts from the German Pharmacopoeia; 19). Excerpts from the European Pharmacopoeia; 20). European Economic Community Standards for Quality of Herbal Remedies

Part Six - Appendix - Abbreviations and Symbols...Weights and Measures...German Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger) Number and Publication...List of European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (ESCOP) Monographs...List of World Health Organization (WHO) Monographs General References...General Glossary... General Index...Addendum - Contraindications of Unapproved Herbs

The publisher , August 20, 1998
Formatted for quick problem-solving...
Title - For fast access, monographs are listed by English common names, followed by Latin pharmacopeial and German names

Approval status - Specified at head of page

Composition - Tells you plant part, botanical name, plant family, required time of harvest, primary chemical constituents

Uses - See at a glance specific indications approved by Commission E

Contraindications - Including diseases and disorders...allergies...hypersensitivities...pregnancy...lactation

Side Effects - Be aware of possible adverse side effects, including toxicity

Interactions with Other Drugs - Check out possible adverse or synergistic reactions of multi-drug regimens

Dosage - Be sure you know which levels have proved safe and effective

Mode of Administration - Includes method of preparation for internal and external uses

Duration of Administration - Gives you vital data on the maximum period of safe use

The publisher , August 20, 1998
'Must-know' information you won't find anywhere else...
* All 380 Commission E Monographs - based on clinical trials, field studies, case collections, scientific literature, unpublished proprietary data, and other carefully reviewed information

* Covers both approved and unapproved herbs...component characteristics...herbal combinations

* Monographs specify composition...uses...contraindications...side effects...interactions...dosages...administration...pharmacological actions...warnings and precautions...and more

* Approved and unapproved substances in separate, clearly delineated sections

* Extensive 70-page Introduction - offers background information on Commission E evaluation criteria and the US regulatory and market environments

* Therapeutic Indexes - find herbs by uses and indications...side effects...actions...interactions with conventional drugs...duration of administration

* Taxonomic Cross-Reference - find herbs by English common name...Latin binomial...plant family...pharmacopeial name...German name

* Excerpts from European regulatory literature

* Chemical Glossary and Index

* Instant-access General Index

The publisher , August 20, 1998
About the Book
Commission E - the expert panel of physicians, pharmacologists, and scientists established by the German government - is known worldwide as the unchallenged authority on the safety and efficacy of herbal medicines.

The Commission's therapeutic-use monographs represent today's highest standard in the evaluation of herbs and herb combinations. They are the official government documents used by German medical and pharmaceutical professionals to assess herbal remedies' quality, safety, efficacy, and clinical applications.

Now all of the Commission E monographs - plus a wide array of powerful reference tools - are brought together in a single volume formatted for quick and easy reference.

From aloe to asparagus root...saw palmetto to St. John's wort...ginkgo to goldenseal to garlic, here's the totally reliable science-based information you've been searching for.