The Phytopia Cookbook

The Phytopia Cookbook
By Barbara Gollman and Kim Pierce

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Reviews (from the website)
The author, Kim Pierce , April 1, 1999
The Tufts University newsletter loves this cookbook!
The "Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter" (April, 1999) says of our cookbook: "Study after scientific study touts the benefits of eating everything from tofu to turnip greens. But, you wonder, how is anyone supposed to cook this stuff? The answer is in The Phytopia Cookbook, by dietitian Barbara Gollman and food journalist Kim Pierce, and it's delicious. Built around the idea that a healthful diet with a focus on fruits, vegetables and grains doesn't have to be spartan or boring, the book is full of lively, flavorful recipes. ... Despite the book's emphasis on plant-centered cuisine, the authors don't forget that most cooks (and their families and friends) aren't about to drop meat from their diets entirely. You won't find recipes for barbecued ribs here, but many of the dishes include chicken and seafood. ...And sticking to the theme that a healthful diet isn't a monastic one, they made sure to include dessert: we think Pear and Apple Pound Cake or Toasted Almond Brownies sound pretty tasty... In a section called "The Science Behind the Recipes," Phytopia's authors also shed some light on phytochemicals --those tongue-twisting compounds that are the focus of so much scientific research. ... We particularly like the fact that they explain the potential health benefits of phytochemicals without overstating the scientific case behind them." This is author Kim Pierce speaking: We could not have said it better ourselves. The editors of this prestigious health and nutrition newsletter understand exactly what Phytopia is all about. And we are ecstatic that they embrace the concept. We hope you will, too.