Stopping Cancer Before It Starts

Stopping Cancer Before It Starts: The American Institute for Cancer Research's Program for Cancer Prevention
By American Institute for Cancer Research

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Synopsis (From the website)
Based on the AICR's landmark international report, this book offers easy changes in diet and lifestyle that may help prevent more than 375,000 cases of cancer in the U.S. each year. 100+ recipes.

The publisher, L.Asher , March 1, 1999
Stopping Cancer Starts with You
Every person is at risk for cancer. But now Stopping Cancer Before It Starts can help make cancer risk as low as possible. Many people have the mistaken belief that cancer is “a toss of the genetic dice”—some people will get it and some won’t. But this book clarifies these misconceptions, arguing that the vast majority of cancers are not inherited and that much of our cancer destiny is in our own hands.

Since 1983, the American Institute for Cancer Research has been at the forefront of the research surrounding cancer prevention and nutrition. The research compiled by the AICR shows a direct and undeniable link between cancer and diet. In fact, researchers now estimate that 60 to 70 percent of all cancers are directly linked to the foods we eat and related lifestyle factors, including smoking, exercise, and obesity. Based on a landmark international report— spearheaded by an expert panel of the world’s leading scientists—Stopping Cancer Before It Starts offers simple changes in diet and lifestyle that can dramatically reduce cancer risk and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

Approaching cancer prevention as a program of positive action, this practical handbook suggests dietary changes that are compatible with today’s tastes, effective exercise programs that focus on daily activity instead of a vigorous exercise regime, and weight control based on consumer awareness and healthier eating rather than on radical diet plans. The fact is, these seemingly incremental changes add up to a big change in your overall health.

Stopping Cancer Before It Starts doubles as a cookbook, featuring almost 100 enticing recipes for healthier eating, menu-planning ideas, and practical cooking tips. From zesty appetizers like spicy spinach dip to old favorites like turkey pot pie, these recipes make eating for lower cancer risk interesting, quick, and delicious.

Your actions today play a vital role in lowering your cancer risk in the future. This book reveals that while the causes of cancer may surround us daily, the means to prevent those cancers also surround us. We often use the term “cancer prevention” today to mean preventing someone from dying of this disease—but the objective of this book is to help people make sure that cancer never strikes at all.

The American Institute for Cancer Research has conducted cancer research and education programs since 1983, guided by the knowledge that cancer can be prevented. AICR supports innovative research nationwide and internationally to expand scientific understanding of cancer and its prevention. AICR’s educational efforts present current scientific findings through practical, consumer-oriented programs for reducing the risk of cancer.