Thin For Life Daybook

Thin For Life Daybook: A Journal of Personal Progress-Inspiration & Keys to Success from People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept it Off
By Ann M. Fletcher, M.S., R.D.

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Paperback - 224 pages Spiral edition (March 1998)





Thin for Life Daybook should be the constant companion of anyone seeking to lose weight. This spiral-bound journal combines the best of a diet counselor and weight-loss support group, and makes you an active participant. To teach tactics that work for long-term weight control, author Anne Fletcher has studied 200 "masters of weight control" who have succeeded at losing at least 20 pounds (average: 64 pounds) and keeping the weight off for 3-plus years (average: 10 years). They have found the keys to personalizing a weight-loss program and making it a way of life. Fletcher shares their strategies in her earlier books, Thin for Life and Eating Thin for Life.

This book, which is organized into a year's worth of weekly sections, lets you examine and record your own weight-loss process. Each week offers "Weekly Wisdom"--tips from the masters on a theme such as behavior modification, avoiding deprivation, committing to exercise, and specific ways to change eating choices--along with a menu suggestion. The reader fills in "goal(s) for this week"; "anticipated obstacles"; "possible solutions"; an "exercise plan"; a daily log of food, exercise, and accomplishments; and "what really helped this week." Using the Daybook is a valuable step toward becoming a "master" yourself. --Joan Price