Celebrity Fit Club Diet

Overview of the Celebrity Fit Club Diet

The Celebrity Fit Club follows Dr. Ian K. Smith's New York Times bestselling book, Fat Smash Diet. This program is not considered a diet, but rather a lifestyle approach focused on eating healthy, hearty foods, and exercising regularly. The "diet" takes place in four phases: detoxification (Phase One), and three phases that are focused on reintroducing "everyday foods that promote significant weight loss," back into your diet, one phase at a time.

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There is no calorie counting involved, but watching portion sizes is key. It is estimated that during the first nine days of the diet or the "Detoxification Phase," individuals will shed several pounds quickly, as this is the strictest phase of the diet. During this phase, you will rid your body of toxins created by eating processed foods and various environmental factors.

What to eat on the Celebrity Fit Club Diet

During the Detox Phase you will eat fruits and vegetables, as well as oatmeal, egg whites, and beans in small portions.

During the Foundation Phase (Phase Two), individuals will add lean meats to their diet over a three-week period. During the Construction Phase (Phase Three), you can eat fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and you will also add whole grains and cereals back into your diet. This phase lasts four weeks. Sweets are also added, but strictly limited.

The final phase, called the Temple Phase, is for life. You can eat all of the foods from the three phases, but you can also begin to add small amounts of white starches to your diet. Additionally, alcohol such as beer and wine can be added in small amounts.

What not to eat on the Celebrity Fit Club Diet

Depending on the phase of the diet, there are certain restrictions. During the first phase, processed foods, meats, grains, sweets, fatty foods (just about everything besides fruits, vegetables, beans, and oatmeal) are eliminated.

During the next two phases, meats, grains, and sweets are added back in. In the final phase, alcohol and white starches are gradually added back in. It is recommended that sweets, alcohol, and white starches be consumed in very small amounts.

Eating options

Depending on the phase, there are many different foods that may be enjoyed. During Phase One, you can enjoy all the fruits and vegetables you want, oatmeal, beans, and herbal tea. During Phase Two, you may enjoy foods like lean meats, seafood, cheese, cereal, and peanut butter in addition to Phase One foods.

Adding on in Phase Three are eggs, whole-wheat pasta, other grains, and even a few treats. During the final phase, you can eat all of the foods from all three phases, with the addition of limited amounts of alcohol, some sweets, and even pizza here and there!

Are there any exercise recommendations on the Celebrity Fit Club Diet?

On the Celebrity Fit Club, exercise is a MUST. In order to stay fit and healthy for life, exercise must be a part of your regular daily life. It is recommended that you do some form of cardiovascular exercise for at least 30 minutes, 5 times per week during the diet.

The diet states that you must not skip exercise, period. In the maintenance phase, exercise increases to one hour, five times per week.

Celebrity Fit Club Diet: number of dieters

It is estimated that more than 2.7 million viewers tuned in to the Celebrity Fit Club season 5 finale. Additionally, the Fat Smash Diet book is a New York Times Bestseller.

Post weight maintenance plans

The maintenance part of the program is basically the diet and exercise routine you will follow for the rest of your life. It's simple: Eat sensibly and exercise. If you, for some reason, start to gain the weight back or you still want to lose more weight, it is recommended that you return to Phase One and repeat the phases.

Members of Celebrityfitclub.com have access to food lists, shopping lists, and recipes, which will help you to stay on track for life. You will also have access to meal plans and exercise plans that you can always refer to in order to maintain your weight. The meal plans are considered realistic and easy to follow--especially for people with busy schedules.