Core Exercises - No Fad Exercises

Friday, September 14, 2007 - 11:07am

By Michele Silence, MA

The core of your body - your back and abdominals - is where you get strength and power to do almost all the activities you do during the day. Whether it is walking, exercising, shopping, or working, your core muscles are important in keeping the rest of your body mobile. Keep your center strong by doing some of these effective core exercises. Hold each position as long as you are able to and gradually improve from there.

1. Plank

To Do: Prop your body up on it's knees and elbows. Gradually work your way into holding from your elbows and feet.

2. Side plank

To Do: Keeping both legs straight and feet together, lift your body onto your elbow sideways and hold. Keep your weight lifted so as to not sink down into the shoulder. Repeat other side.

3. Bridge

To Do: Lie on back with feet propped up on a wall or chair. Lift rear off the floor creating a straight line from foot to hip. Hold.

4. Back extensions

To Do: Lie face down on the floor with hands clasped behind the head. Lift shoulders off the floor and return back to start position. Repeat until fatigued.

5. Abdominal twists

To Do: Lie on your back on the floor. Lift both legs into the air while keeping the knees and feet together. With shoulders on the floor, let the legs slowly fall to one side. Lift, return to starting position and turn to the other side. Make this easier by bending the knees, or more difficult by keeping both legs straight.

6. Arm/Leg extensions

To Do: From hands and knees position, extend one arm straight out in front of you and hold. Repeat other arm. Do the same with each leg, extended out in back. Then, try extending an arm with the opposite leg. Hold and repeat the other side.

Taking care of your core muscles is vital to lifelong strength, mobility and posture. Work them in some way each day to keep your entire body strong and fit for day to day activity.

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