How to Cancel Lifetime Fitness Membership

How to Cancel Lifetime Fitness Membership

Lifetime Fitness is a well-known fitness club with numerous locations across the United States. While many people enjoy their experience at Lifetime Fitness, there may come a time when you need to cancel your membership. Whether you’re moving, have found a new gym, or simply no longer wish to continue your membership, cancelling with Lifetime Fitness can be a straightforward process. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to cancel your Lifetime Fitness membership, answer some common questions, and provide you with the necessary information to successfully terminate your membership.

1. How do I cancel my Lifetime Fitness membership?
To cancel your Lifetime Fitness membership, you need to visit your local club and fill out a cancellation form. Alternatively, you can send a written request via certified mail to the club where you hold your membership.

2. Can I cancel my Lifetime Fitness membership online?
No, Lifetime Fitness does not currently offer an online cancellation option. You must either visit the club or send a written request to cancel your membership.

3. Is there a cancellation fee?
Lifetime Fitness may charge a cancellation fee if you cancel your membership before the initial contract term is completed. The fee varies depending on the terms of your membership agreement.

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4. How much notice is required to cancel my membership?
Lifetime Fitness requires a 30-day notice to cancel your membership. Make sure to plan accordingly and provide sufficient time before your desired cancellation date.

5. Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your Lifetime Fitness membership at any time. However, keep in mind that you may still be responsible for any remaining payments within the contractual period.

6. What if I have a medical reason for canceling?
If you have a medical reason for canceling your membership, Lifetime Fitness may waive the cancellation fee. You will need to provide supporting documentation from your healthcare provider.

7. Can I transfer my membership to someone else?
Lifetime Fitness does not allow membership transfers. Each membership is non-transferable and can only be used the person who signed up for it.

8. Will I receive a refund for unused months?
Lifetime Fitness does not typically provide refunds for unused months. Make sure to cancel your membership close to your desired end date to avoid paying for unused time.

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9. Can I suspend my membership instead of canceling?
Yes, you can suspend your Lifetime Fitness membership for a specific period instead of canceling it. This can be useful if you’re temporarily unable to use the facilities but plan to return.

10. How long can I suspend my membership?
You can suspend your membership for up to six months. During the suspension period, you will not be charged, and your membership will be put on hold.

11. Can I cancel my membership over the phone?
Lifetime Fitness requires members to cancel in person or via certified mail. Cancelling over the phone is not an option.

12. What should I do if I still get charged after canceling my membership?
If you continue to get charged after canceling your Lifetime Fitness membership, reach out to your club’s membership department immediately to resolve the issue.

13. Can I cancel my Lifetime Fitness membership if I signed up through a third party?
If you signed up for Lifetime Fitness through a third party, you may need to follow their specific cancellation process. Contact the third party and inquire about canceling your membership.

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14. What happens if I don’t cancel my membership and just stop paying?
If you stop paying without formally canceling your membership, Lifetime Fitness may continue to charge you. It’s crucial to follow the proper cancellation process to avoid unnecessary fees and complications.

In conclusion, canceling your Lifetime Fitness membership requires visiting your local club or sending a written request through certified mail. Keep in mind the 30-day notice requirement and any potential cancellation fees. If you have a medical reason for canceling, provide supporting documentation to potentially waive the fee. Remember, your membership is non-transferable, and refunds for unused months are generally not provided. If you wish to suspend your membership temporarily, you can do so for up to six months. Lastly, always ensure that your cancellation is properly processed to avoid any unwanted charges or complications.

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