How to Use Planet Fitness Tanning Bed

How to Use Planet Fitness Tanning Bed

Planet Fitness is a popular gym chain known for its affordable membership fees and a wide range of amenities, including tanning beds. If you’re new to using a tanning bed or are unsure about how to use the ones at Planet Fitness, this article will guide you through the process. We will also address some common questions related to tanning beds at Planet Fitness.

1. What is a tanning bed?
A tanning bed is a device that emits ultraviolet (UV) rays to darken the skin, simulating the effect of sunlight.

2. How do I access the tanning beds at Planet Fitness?
Tanning beds are typically located in a designated area within the gym. Ask a staff member for directions or refer to the gym layout provided at the front desk.

3. Are tanning beds included in my Planet Fitness membership?
Tanning beds are usually part of the Black Card membership, which is available at an additional cost. However, it’s always best to check with your specific Planet Fitness location for their membership details.

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4. How do I prep my skin before tanning?
Shower beforehand to remove any lotions, oils, or sweat from your skin. Exfoliating gently can also help remove dead skin cells, allowing for a more even tan.

5. Should I wear any specific clothing in the tanning bed?
Most people tan nude to avoid tan lines. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a swimsuit or underwear, you can do so.

6. How long should I tan for?
The recommended tanning time varies depending on your skin type and the intensity of the tanning bed. Start with a shorter time, around 5-7 minutes, and gradually increase it if desired. Avoid overexposure, as it can lead to sunburn.

7. Can I wear sunscreen while using a tanning bed?
It’s not recommended to use sunscreen in a tanning bed, as it can interfere with the tanning process. However, if you have sensitive skin or are prone to burning, consult with a dermatologist before tanning.

8. What should I do during my tanning session?
Relax and close your eyes during the session. Some people choose to listen to music or use the provided radio to pass the time.

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9. Can I use tanning lotions or oils?
Yes, using tanning lotions or oils specifically designed for indoor tanning can help enhance your tan. Avoid using outdoor tanning products, as they may cause damage to the tanning bed.

10. How often should I use the tanning bed?
It’s best to consult with a staff member at your Planet Fitness location regarding their recommended frequency of tanning. Overexposure to UV rays can be harmful, so moderation is key.

11. Can I use the tanning beds if I have fair or sensitive skin?
It’s important to take extra precautions if you have fair or sensitive skin. Start with shorter tanning sessions and gradually increase the time if your skin tolerates it. Always consult with a dermatologist if you have any concerns.

12. Are there any age restrictions for using tanning beds at Planet Fitness?
Typically, individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to use tanning beds due to the potential risks associated with UV exposure. However, age restrictions may vary location, so it’s best to check with your specific Planet Fitness gym.

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13. Is it safe to tan while pregnant?
It’s generally advised to avoid tanning beds while pregnant due to the increased risk of overheating and potential harm to the ba. Consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

14. Can I tan if I have a tattoo or piercing?
While tanning can be safe with tattoos or piercings, it’s essential to protect them from UV rays. Cover them with a towel or clothing, or use a specialized tattoo/piercing cover available at some tanning salons.

In conclusion, using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness is a straightforward process. Make sure to follow the guidelines provided the gym and take necessary precautions to protect your skin. Remember, moderation and proper skin care are key to achieving a safe and healthy tan.

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