The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle Is in the Kitchen

Staying healthy means eating right. But with busy schedules and a host of everyday commitments, sometimes eating healthy can fall to the wayside. Breaking out of the fast-food lifestyle can be tough, but it can be done--and your kitchen is where it all begins.

Where Eating Healthy Begins

The kitchen often serves as the center of both family and food life, so start there. Creating a healthy kitchen environment can mean the difference between a healthy lifestyle and bad habits.

You don't have to throw out everything in your freezer. You don't have to spend a boatload of money at the organic market. You can create a healthy kitchen by taking small steps and implementing gradual changes for better eating.

Learn the Secrets of Healthy Cooking

Eating healthy can be made much easier with healthy cooking. These tips should make keeping up with a healthy lifestyle:

  • Don't fry your foods. Baking and broiling are healthier options. Grilling is even better.
  • Use nonstick pots and pans. They typically require little or no oil for cooking.
  • Eat your veggies. Vegetable or bean soups are quite filling and good for you, too.
  • Use extra-virgin olive oil. Extra-virgin olive oil is a good option for sautéing foods.

Stock Up on Healthy Foods

The next time you run to the grocery store, stock up on healthy foods like vegetables and protein-rich items. Lean meats, poultry, plain yogurt, beans, nuts, and lean fish are all good options. Green vegetables are always in style, so keep plenty on hand! Consume starchy vegetables--such as corn, potatoes, and peas--in moderation.

Processed Foods are a No-No

Pre-packaged foods are loaded with preservatives, sodium, and other things that are best avoided. When you go grocery shopping, avoid the snack aisle and opt for simple ingredients to make your own snacks at home.

Get Spicy

Spices add a ton of flavor without undermining your healthy eating plans. Experiment with spices in various dishes until you find the flavor combination that gives your taste buds that zing of healthy happiness.

Snack Around

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to give up the tasty snacks you crave. Celery sticks with peanut butter, string cheese and a few whole wheat crackers, or a juicy piece of fruit are all great for satisfying those between-meal cravings.

Healthy lifestyle changes can be hard, but small steps toward healthy eating should make you much more likely to give your kitchen that overhaul it needs. Your good health depends on it!