Men’s Health Personal Trainer

Overview of the Men's Health Personal Trainer Program

The Men's Health Personal Trainer has more than 20 workout plans to choose from. The program features a workout selector tool and a meal plan selector. Members can choose from four proven programs including: The Abs Diet, Testosterone Advantage, Belly-Off, and High-Energy.

Top 3 Diet Plans (based on Diet Channel visitor activity):

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Based on your choices, a customized fitness program will be created complete with weekly meal plans and corresponding workout routines. Fitness tips are included as well.

Foods you can eat on Men's Health Personal Trainer Program

The types of foods allowed on this program depend greatly on the type of program you choose. As with any successful diet, healthy foods are encouraged. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and protein, whole grains and cereals, low-fat to nonfat dairy foods, and healthy fats are allowed.

Foods you can't eat on Men's Health Personal Trainer Program

Fried foods, high-fat foods, foods high in trans fats, sugary sodas, and other empty calories such as donuts, cookies, cakes, and candy are discouraged.

Men's Health Personal Trainer Program eating options

Because this is a personalized diet, the eating options will vary greatly depending on the individual. If the Endurance Diet is your choice, you will follow the traditional food pyramid. If you choose the Abs Diet, you will eat heart-healthy foods up to six times a day.

Are there any exercise recommendations on Men's Health Personal Trainer Program?

It is recommended that individuals exercise for 30-60 minutes on most days of the week. Depending on the program you chose, the exercise routine will focus on weight-loss, fat loss and muscle gain, fat burning, or endurance. The program includes more than 100 animated exercise demos to ensure proper form.

How many people follow Men's Health Personal Trainer Program?

According to advertising, thousands of members have signed up with Men's Health Personal Trainer.

Men's Health Personal Trainer Program: post diet weight maintenance plan

Once goals have been reached, the majority of Men's Health Personal Trainer dieters stick with some version of their customized plan long-term or for life. Maintenance will not be as rigid as the customized program, but sticking to a diet and exercise routine loosely based on the personalized plan has helped many MHPT dieters maintain their weight.

Dieters can also stay motivated by going back to the program to get personalized workouts and meal plans, as the system adjusts to fit the new and improved you.