My Last Diet

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Sun, 10/01/2006 - 4:11pm.

Nicky, my little sister has never had any discipline.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to bail her out of trouble.  yeah, I was the big sister, but she was always a mess.  She did eventually grow up and I really am proud of her, but she, like Momma, struggled with her weight.  At one time I think she was a size 16 and didn't care to lose it, I mean we even joked about it, but Nicky didn't really seem to want to do anything about her weight.  Her husband Steven was heavy, and he was anything but a Chippendales dancer so they seemed to not want to change.  Nicky ate everything, and usually more than her fair share, but she was a great sister and fun, so it was always ok to hang out with her. 

It all changed in April, we went to get swimsuits and she broke down, I think she hit rock bottom.  She didn't buy one that day, and I didn't talk to her for a week afterward.  I thought she was losing it, I mean, come on, she had a breakdown in the fitting room and now she was hiding.  I too wanted to cry for her, but I contued to call her and she always said she was too busy to talk. 

We finally got together in early May to celebrate Mothers day with Momma.  I asked what happened to her and she said she just wanted to do some research.  When i asked her about what, she said diets.  She then said she had signed up for some new diet called the diet smart plan.  I thought she was crazy and that this wouldn't last a week.  At our mom's dinner, I remember she ate exactly what I did, so I thought she wasn't on the diet, but since I hadn't seen her, I wasn't going to make fun of her. 

The next time I saw Nicky, I saw a difference.  It was memorial day and she had definitely lost weight.  I was amazed at her, she was really doing it!  In three weeks, she had lost about 8 lbs and I was really proud of her.  She then went on about how easy it was, so I was beginning to wonder about this new fad diet, curiousity is a funny thing.  When i asked her about her diet, fully expecting to hear about not eating white foods, or after 4 pm, she simply said it was the easiest diet she was ever on and that she had changed the way she looked at eating.  Ok smartass, I want the secret, don't go all Zen on me, I want to know how to lose weight and you are giving me philosphy.  Give me the sccop!

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