My surrender

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Sat, 10/07/2006 - 4:14pm.

After a couple of weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I woke up one day and I swallowed my pride, called Nicky again and agreed to do lunch while Mom watched the kids.  She would fill me in to get a better understanding of what she was doing.  She wasn’t there so I left a message. Until she called me back, I decided I would look online at this fantastic little diet that she was on. 


My research turned up that The Diet Smart Plan is a relatively new thing and is based on another diet book (yippee! Sarcastically).  There is a website  I went to the website and it was clean and well organized, didn’t yell at me and wasn’t junked up with tons of words.  I played around, got the jest, and then did more research to understand what exactly she was doing.  Armed with a page of notes, I was ready to sit down with Nicky.


At our lunch, she ordered Hawaiian chicken and rice while I ordered soup and salad.  I frantically scribbled notes on what Nicky told me about “The Plan”.  Here is a summary of my notes:


She started with that this diet was more about changing your outlook, she said that there are no silver bullets, but losing weight is not difficult, it is just a series of small steps.  She could eat anything she wanted on the diet, she only had to follow three rules everyday (she had to stay within a calorie count, weigh in every morning and night, and eat six times a day).  The more I learned, the more I was interested about the plan so I wanted to get the book from Nicky and start the next Monday, but she warned me that the key was having someone keeping her focused.  After a long debate on whether or not she could have done it on her own and that I should try it with the book, but she was certain that I should try it by signing up.  Ok, Nicky you win, I don’t have willpower, the plan does sound easy, you certainly lost weight, and I guess that the $29.95 enrollment was worth it to finally lose the weight.  Besides, I need to get going, I want to start interviewing since I got my resume updated and started networking.


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