Tomorrow I start my smart plan diet

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Sat, 10/07/2006 - 4:21pm.

Nicky forwarded me an email she got when she decided to join.  Yeah, Suzie Sunshine is cheerleading me to victory……I thought is was a bit elementary, but I guess when you have tried everything, then you start with baby steps.  I don’t know how I am going to do with the weighing in twice a day either.


On the other hand, I am now 193 lbs, since I started blogging two weeks ago, I guess that not having the kids in the house all the time and eating whenever I can has led me to some really bad habits.  This diet better not be organic (YUCK) or ask me to cook, keep it simple sister. 


I am signing up first thing tomorrow.

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