Day 8

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Mon, 10/23/2006 - 3:46pm.

I didn't lose any more weight this morning and I haven't heard back from my interview last week so this week is to continue with my diet smart plan and to fill out as many applications and get my resume into the hands of some decision makers.  Emily has a halloween pagent so I will have that, but we have to get focused.

Total weight lose for week one was 3.5 lbs.  At this rate, I will be at my target weight by new years (I hope).  I feel better, but I actually cannot see any results in the mirror.  I guess this is what they call water weight.  Yesterday I had 1520 DSP calories and about 1700 real calories.  I only had two days last week where I went to bed hungry.  I really think the after dinner snack really helps.

Something I want to share. Di, the diet coach, keeps wanting me to post to the member message boards and post my weekly weigh in.  I haven't posted anything yet.  I have this to keep me accountable, but I see the value in these posting and having accountability with others on the message boards.  I have read them and they really are inspiring!  I can also see where other members support one another and build each other up.  I think later on I will have to write more, but I don't want to spoil the suprises. 

I have to get busy with my job search, but I want to let you know, I think this plan really does work, too bad not too many people know about it.  I know that I posted the link but here it is again, I think more people should take a look,

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