Day 22

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Mon, 11/06/2006 - 10:51pm.

Nicky said she could tell a difference, but it is hard for me to tell yet.  Today I stuck hard to the plan, but this is the week that Nicky told me would be the toughest, "make this one count!" was her motto.

 last couple of days I have tried to hold at 1500 DSP calories but more free foods.  I think it worked, I feel better.  Tried the stir fry chicken recipe I got a couple of days ago from the gang at the plan, it was really good and filling, it was much better than the super syruppy chinese I used to eat.

Note on the newsletter.  The September one was pretty boring, but the new October format is much better, it was much more vibrant and exciting.  I am trying to get Patricia to join, I forwarded the newsletter for her to look at, but I don't think she is ready yet.  I am hoping to lose more weight and get her on the plan so I can help her and help myself like Nicky did.  Next week, I post on the members boards and start interacting.

 Interview went well, I had to fight the hunger pains and the snacktime reminder went off on my cell phone during the interview.  I think they want to make an offer!

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