Day 51

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Tue, 12/05/2006 - 4:44pm.

Sorry I missed my weekly recap weigh-in, but I am now under 180 lbs!!!!!! GO ME.....

I think I am getting very close to that size 10 I have been waiting for.  I am thinking by Christmas I want everyone, I mean everyone to buy me new clothes or give me a gift card to shop for myself.  I think that I could get that size 10 at the rate I am going.  I really see it in my arms, no more flab hanging down, now just a bit squishy. 

Work has been good for me, I feel like I am making a real contribution.  I miss the kids and I have had to fight guilt this week.  Eating at work also presents new challenges and new opportunities to lose weight.  I hate the going out as a group, not the group, but the fear of overeating in front of others. 

I have started to spread the word about the diet smart plan.  The girls who sit in the next cube area saw a photo of me in the summer and wondered how I lost the weight, I told them and they had never heard of it, then I told them about Nicky.  I am hoping they join so they can be on it with me and help me.

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