Halfway point

Submitted by Hillary on Thu, 10/19/2006 - 12:16am.

I don’t weigh myself on any set schedule.  I hop on and off the scale as I feel like it, although I try not to get obsessive about weigh-ins.  Well this morning was a hop on morning, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve now lost 30 pounds.  I’m halfway to my goal, and it feels really, really good.  Good enough to get me downstairs and working out tonight even though I didn’t get home until after 8 pm.   

I sill wish the weight loss was happening faster.  I certainly won’t break any land speed records for dropping pounds quickly, but I tell myself slow and steady wins the race.  Fitness-wise, I’m light years beyond where I was when I started this project back in March.  I’ve dropped 4 sizes.  Ok, sometimes only three sizes – it depends on the item of clothing.  Still, that is excellent progress. 

I do think I need something to motivate me to keep going strong as we close out the year.   Not only do we have the holidays coming up, but I’m also starting a major new project at work, because it just wouldn’t be the fourth quarter if I didn’t have something big happening.  This time, though, I will manage to keep exercise and healthy eating in the mix.  I just don’t have a choice anymore, no matter what is going on at work.  And I will do my usual holiday baking, but I’ll have to cut back on the “quality control” aka eating way too many of the cookies myself.   I hereby declare that I want to lose 15 more pounds by the end of the year.   That would put me at three-quarters of the way toward my goal, which feels right. 

I have made my pronouncement.  So let it be written.  So let it be done!