Halloween Scorecard

Submitted by Hillary on Wed, 11/01/2006 - 2:10am.

Tonight I consumed: 

1 fun size 100 Grand bar

6 SweetTarts

1 strawberry Laffy Taffy

2 mini-packs of Milk Duds

1 fun size Nestle Crunch bar

Batman Pez 

I resisted as much as I could.  But there I was, handing out candy to superheroes and witches and football players (and my personal favorites, the 18 month old who wobbled up in an alligator costume and the teenager in a massive cardboard box wearing a fancy hat “I’m a Jack in the Box!” he said) from this enormous bowl of candy for two hours, and my willpower wasn’t quite strong enough. 

I did work out afterwards, but all that will really do is negate the effects of the candy.  Better to have not eaten it at all.  I suppose I should have bought candy I don’t like, but I don’t want to be the lady who gives out crappy candy.  Or worse, raisins.  Halloween only comes once per year and it should be fun.  I guess if I think it is ok for the kids, it is ok for me too.  The leftover candy is most definitely going in to the office with me tomorrow though.  Let my co-workers be the ones to eat the rest of it, not me!