Operation Gut-Be-Gone

Submitted by Hillary on Mon, 12/11/2006 - 2:16am.

I haven’t had all that much to say about my dieting lately, most likely because I’ve hit another plateau.  Even with all the progress I’ve made, I still find that incredibly frustrating.  I’ve lost 34 pounds.  I look and so much better than I did before.  Rationally, I know that all is well. 

The problem is, I’m not skinny yet.   I’m almost a size 6, which will be an exciting milestone to reach.  At the same time, my body still has a lot of shaping up to do.  I know I’m way more fit than I was even two months ago.  I can run 5 miles on a regular basis now, and I’m always looking for ways to keep pushing myself harder when it comes to working out.  But my thighs are still fat, and I have this stubborn pouch of fat on my stomach that I just want to be gone, already.  The rest of me isn’t perfect, but seems to be shaping up faster than my stupid thighs and stomach. 

I’ve been thinking about it, and even accounting for the occasional junk rebellion, I probably haven’t been as careful about what I am eating as I was back when I first started trying to lose weight.  So there’s a good chance that I’m consuming extra calories that I really don’t need.  Step one of Operation Gut-Be-Gone will be to track my calories pretty carefully for a few says so I can see if there are any places where I’m not over doing it.  Step two of said operation will be to add more ab focused exercise to my workouts.  I’m going to start doing this abs workout video that I have in the mornings before work.  Not every morning.  I’m not a morning person to begin with, and there are some days where it is just too much to cram into one day.   

Look, I’m actually trying to be realistic!  We’ll see how that goes, but at least I’m trying, rather than saying I’m going to workout every morning and then feeling like a loser when I can’t pull it off.