And now for something completely (ok, only somewhat) different

Submitted by Hillary on Tue, 01/09/2007 - 2:44am.

Instead of talking about me, let’s talk about my husband for just a minute.   

He has, perhaps motivated by the success I’ve had over the past nine months, has decided to join me on the getting fit/losing weight wagon.  It’s interesting to see him just starting out on the same path I took – figuring out what he can and can’t eat, working hard to change his habits and even harder to resist temptation.  So far, he’s made it a week without his beloved soda.  He’s been riding our exercise bike a few more minutes each day, and today he added in push-ups and sit-ups.  He’s pretty determined so far.  He’s even overcome a broken belt on our elderly and somewhat busted up exercycle (duct tape really can fix anything) and kept on going.   

Last fall we started going hiking together with our dog every weekend, and the weather has been so mild we’ve been able to stick with it so far.  That has turned into something we’re really enjoying doing together.  It’s nice to have some time in the woods where we can pretend we are the only people around.  We always seem to get into these great debates on our walks.  I guess the woods make us philosophical.  And the dog couldn’t be happier, since tromping through the woods smelling stuff is probably his most favorite activity in the world.  Well, after eating and napping and getting belly rubs. 

Anyway, my husband is the king of willpower, so I’m sure he can do this if he really commits to it, which he has.  And I have to admit, while I did occasionally reap the benefits of his eating junk food by getting a bite of candy bar or donut, I think I’ll be just a little less bitter now that he’s eating the same stuff as I am.  He’s not diabetic (or at least, not that we know of, since he hasn’t had a physical in three years), so he doesn’t have the same restrictions that I do, and he’s a guy so he can eat more than I can anyway.  In fact, he’ll probably piss me off by losing 20 pounds in six weeks or something.  But he is still making some pretty big changes in his life, and I am pleased and proud that he is making the effort.  By the end of 2007, we are going to be a stunningly fit and healthy couple.