Balducci’s, you jerks

Submitted by Hillary on Fri, 01/12/2007 - 2:14am.

I’ve been having a series of meetings at my office this week.  Yesterday we got breakfast and lunch in from Balducci’s, and everything they sent was delicious.  I had a little tiny pastry with strawberry jam for breakfast, and a tasty veggie/whole wheat pita sandwich for lunch, along with fresh fruit, potato salad and some fancy cheese and crackers.

Today, on the other hand, they forgot to send breakfast, so someone from my office had to run out to Panera to grab bagels and cream cheese.  And she had to place a last minute order from Chicken Out for lunch.  Guess who doesn’t really feature any vegetarian options?  That would be Chicken Out.  They have chicken Caesar wraps, and barbeque chicken wraps, and Asian chicken wraps, and something that I think was turkey, but they definitely don’t have veggie wraps.  I know this because I wasted a bunch of time doing the awkward “poke the wrap without touching it while trying not to hold up the line” maneuver.  I had mashed potatoes and a quarter of a chocolate chip cookie for lunch, which is not exactly healthy. 

Stupid Balducci’s.  And this isn’t the first time they’ve screwed me either.  We had some meetings over the summer and specifically requested a vegetarian sandwich for me, and they sent tuna as the veggie option.  I believe that day I had yucky pasta salad and potato chips for lunch.  Fancy potato chips, but again, not exactly healthy.

They may have all sorts of wonderful gourmet foods, but I have to say, I’m no fan of their catering practices.  And I guess I need to come up with some sort of healthy lunch backup plan for when we order lunch at the office.  It’s hard though, because I couldn’t exactly wander away from an all day meeting to arrange a separate meal.

What do you do to stay healthy in situations like that?