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A final farewell to ediets

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 08/14/2006 - 11:13am.

Well, my time trying out ediets is at an end. I have lost 5 lbs during my time on the diet. Although this is really great - but I must say, I did not reach my target. I was not as strict as I should have been... but the program did help me to focus. And I did accomplish weight loss! One of the good things about this diet was I did at least learn how to maintain my weight and not get worse. I also was able to eat without completely starving. Another benefit to my diet - I learned healthy recepies that I love eating !!! I also loved the online tracking program that provided. What great information and tips! It totally helped educate me on dieting and eating right for my lifestyle. 

diet plan?

Submitted by dietgirl on Thu, 07/06/2006 - 8:17pm.

I've really been struggling to follow my diet plan this week. I just eat whatever I want to make - and I didn't even print off my meal suggestions to grocery shop/follow. I've got to get better at this!

Today's eating habits:

Breakfast - chocolate Slim fast and a handful of wheat thins

Lunch - A large Baked Potato with cheese, butter, sour cream from Jason's Deli and a diet coke

Snack - Water 8oz

Dinner - A spoonful of Orange Jell-o, a Turkey burger (no bread) and corn, flavored water 8oz. (this would sooo look gross if I threw-up right after eating all this!!!). I was really craving something chocolaty or ice-cream after dinner, but was able to occupy myself with some household projects in order to subdue the temptation - which I am proud to say I accomplished.

Holiday's are over - what's the damage?

Submitted by dietgirl on Wed, 07/05/2006 - 10:12am.

Well, I really didn't eat that bad this past weekend! My only down fall was margaritta's and a brownie at one of the picnics I attended. I also had a very greasy hot dog and pretzel at a soccer game- but other than that I did very well.

Unfortunately, I neither lost nor gained weight over the past week so I am going strong at 150... still! This week I really tried to motivate myself to work out  - but the best thing I could do was go on a walk on Tuesday night after the fireworks and went rollerblade (while my boyfriend ran) on Sunday. Hopefully I can workout for a few of my lunch breaks

looking fat... just in time for the holiday

Submitted by dietgirl on Fri, 06/30/2006 - 5:10pm.

Well, I'm feeling pretty fat today. I think I look nice, just fat also. I'm pleasently plump - except not really pleasant that I am so plump. My muffin-top is coming back. I broke down and  had two Starbucks Mocha Frapps in the past 48 hours, and a diet coke everyday this week.  It's so hard to work out and eat well when you are busy you don't know what to do with yourself.

This weekend does not look encouraging either. What's up with holidays and people always wanting to gorge themselves? Hopefully I'll be able to control myself at all the weekend festivites.

Lose 10 Pounds! how hard can it be?

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 06/26/2006 - 4:57pm.

It can be very, very hard! 

Well, this week I am at 150 lbs.... again.... I'm down from the glorious 152 from last week.
Can I go under 150? This week will be a challenge to find out.

Will I ever reach my goal of 140? It just doesn't seem possible many, many days. And like I mentioned in my last post.... I have no time for exercise. But at the same time, I have no desire to STARVE myself.

me, a rockin rollergirl?

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 06/26/2006 - 4:54pm.

I have seriously been thinking about some sort of fun activity I can do that will bring joy and exercise into my life. Heathly lifestyles need excitment and passion inorder to be maintained!  This weekend I looked into getting involved in an alternative exercise program. I contacted my local RollerDerby team and tried to see if I could become a rollergirl! It sounded like such a fun way to exercise and socialize.

I have always loved roller-skating. Growing up, my parents took my me, my sister and a group of our friends roller skating every Sunday afternoon. We were in this skating club where it was only $2 to skate for 2 hours. Not to mention all the evenings and summer's roller skating all over my neighborhood. So, to bring back that love for skating, to express my "punk-rocker" alter-ego, bruch off all the 'corporate' blah and get some good exercise ----  Roller Derby seemed like the perfect sport for me!

motivation frustration!

Submitted by dietgirl on Thu, 06/22/2006 - 6:09pm.

Well, I feel like I am eating okay - but I am not losing any weight at all. I am really starting to believe that there is no way to lose weight by eating right - unless it is accompanied with a regular schedule of physical exercise.

This is daunting and really frustrating to me because I never have time to go to the gym and when I get home from work - all I want to do is eat and rest!!! And by eating, I don't mean pig out, I mean eat my dinner because I don't eat much and I am starving. Also, everyday this week I have set my alarm early in hopes that I would wake up and get to the gym between 7 and 8am. But I can't even get myself out of bed till 7:15 let alone be at the gym, etc at that time.

the cost of food

Submitted by dietgirl on Tue, 06/20/2006 - 3:16pm.

It's pretty hard to workout in the mornings for me. Every morning this week I have said, "okay, going to wake up and go straight to the gym." But I never do - I sleep until the utmost pressure is on me. oh well - I am going to try it again tomorrow.

I've been wondering if I am eating within a reasonable food budget. this week I am going to track the cost of my eating lifestyle to see what I can do to improve it.

Tuesday's eating:
breakfast: slim fast shake, .60 cents
Lunch: chicken salad - free.. office meeting!
snack: 120 calorie ice cream bar - .50 cents
Dinner: chicken stir-fry $4, but I only ate half = $2 and 1 stalk of corn on the cob = $4 total for dinner

Not sure…

Submitted by dietgirl on Tue, 06/13/2006 - 3:41pm.

Well I probably won’t be able to get to the gym this week – but I am defiantly planning to start a work out regime starting next Monday. I am planning for a run/ workout at the office gym from 7:45 to 8:30 am… then do a light outdoor activity with my boyfriend in the evening several times a week. 
My daily activity plan should look something like this: 

Drive to work: Chocolate Slim Fast Shake
Workout #1: 30 to 45 minutes
Midmeal #1: Apple with spring Cheese
Lunch: smoothie or a chicken/grape salad
Midmeat #2: small chocolate mousse

My first day on my new job & my 11th week on a diet…

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 06/12/2006 - 3:41pm.

Okay – it’s a little silly that in total summary over the last 11 weeks I have lost only 2 pounds. The most I have lost is 5 pounds, but now that I am back up it’s only two pounds. I am totally determined to change this. 
And today is a great opportunity to rally a new zest for my diet. Today is my first day on the new job.  It was not to stressful, but as all new things, it was a little overwhelming. Diet-wise, I am close to a smoothie café and there is a nice gym in my office. These are two good things! I can have smoothies for lunch – instead of fast food… and I can workout pre-work time or at lunch.