eDiets Week 2, Day 1 The Average Joe's Yard Work-out

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Tue, 04/04/2006 - 8:45pm.

I have one week down and I did really great!  My goal was to lose 2 pounds and get to 180 by the time I checked in with my ediets plan on Sunday.  I made it to 178.75 pre-workout and 178.75 post workout on Friday (my last day in the gym and on a scale for the week).  Some people have a scale in their house, but I am a big fan of using the same scale all of the time so I know the instrument is not changing my weight in a good a bad way, not even a half pound.  The weekend was a little challenging as my routine I had developed during the workweek was going to be changed for the first time since starting the diet.  Lucky for me, I had gone above and beyond during the week to give myself a little breathing room for the weekend.  My friends and I went to Chili's and I love appetizers, but I managed to only have 1 eggroll, a few corn chips (ok maybe just a little more than a few) and then had a grilled chicken pita with low fat ranch on the side.  Considering I ate this meal after having two small meals early in the day, doing yardwork, and playing a softball game (no beer, just water) I feel like I did pretty well.  The next challenge was "movie night" at my friends house.  He had 3 candie temptations out on the table right in front of me.  My choices were Kit Kat, Hershey's Kisses, or I could go with the fun and tasty M&M from the M&M basketball player dispenser.  After 2 hours, I made it through with only 2 M&M's.  Yes, I did actually say "2."  I was personally testing my will that I could make this a lifestyle and not a diet and I won the battle.         On Sunday I did not manage to workout, but I did do 6 hours of yard work that included moving stones, digging, lifting, and mulching in the Texas sun (at least it's only Spring and not August).  I cheated my portion sizes a little by adding some extra cheese and a few extra veggies over the course of the day, but overall I felt pretty good.