eDiets Week 4 Day 2: How Many Calories Are Burned by Driving to the Airport?

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Tue, 04/18/2006 - 7:54pm.

     My family flew in to visit me for the weekend.  It was their first time visiting me at my new house and all too infrequent opportunity for us to all get together at the same time.  My workout routine was going to be put to the test as sacrificed excercise for driving to and from the airport and eating out.  This test comes just as I was closing in on my half-way goal of 175 pounds and a gift for myself. 
     Overall, I would say I did well for 3 of the four days of my family weekend.  The first two days went well despite the fact that we ate out 2 meals a day.  When put in a position to ruin my diet, I chose controlled portions or split the food with my family or girlfriend.  Also, I managed to sneak a workout into the itinerary for one of the days.  There's nothing like a good sibling rivalry game of hoops to burn a few calories - unfortunately I lost the best of three one on one tournament to my older, less in-shape, but more basketball experienced brother (ok - he just pushed me around with his height and weight and threw cheap little hook shots all day, but who can fault a guy for playing to his strengths)? 
      The two other days I did not do quite as well.  Since I had been cleaning and running around doing things all weekend, I was fairly tired and eased up for the "special" occasions of my family visiting and an extended family picnic.  I can be proud of the fact that I stayed on plan for breakfast and continued to eat small meals to moderate my energy levels and metabolism, but I went a little too far at the steak house and my Aunt's picnic.  As I returned to work with plenty of catch up work to do in addition to my normal duties, I knew that I would not get to workout on Monday.  Maybe luckily, I forgot my workout clothes and drove home to workout on Tuesday.  I don't have a scale at home, so I was prolonging the "last good weigh in" as long as I could.  I guess we will find out on Wednesday if I went three weeks backwards on my diet or not