eDiets Week 10 Day 7 - Why My Snack Net Always Catches Goldfish

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Sun, 06/04/2006 - 8:14pm.

There are two reasons that I love goldfish (the crackers); 1. They have a cheesy taste and 2. they have a salty taste.  While those are great reasons to love goldfish, I have a better reason: they are baked instead of fried!  This is a perfect example of executing on my "do one level better" than you normally would do in order to kick up the weight loss.  Normally, I would love to have Fritos, potato chips, or some other thing that is not good for me.  When I eat goldfish, I don't feel like I am sacrificing that much, but I am eating less fat and less calories. 

The key part that I often fail at is moderating how many goldfish I eat.  In my house, we buy the jumbo sized box because it's cheaper and I don't have to worry about missing my cheese fix if I am really craving it.  My downfall is that I take the box with me to sit down in front of the tv.  One thing I need to improve on is grabbing a small bowl or cup to portion my goldfish so I don't eat too many.  This will be my one little improvement that I will work on this next week. 

Remember that goldfish are still not the perfect snack (ie its not fresh fruit or veggies), but it's better than the alternatives.