eDiets Week 11 Day 2 - Pleasant Surprises

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Tue, 06/06/2006 - 7:03pm.

As you may have noticed, I have not listed my weight in my journal lately.  This has a very simple explaination; I haven't weighed in.  The reason for my not weighing in is a bigger issue - that I have not been working out in the gym very much.  It's a combination of alot of things; 1. work keeping me busy, 2. being tired from too much sun at my softball games on the weekends, 3. being lazy, 4. being bored with the gym workout in general, 5. wanting to eat out for lunch instead of working out, 6. craving some chinese, mexican, pizza, or chocolate chip cookies, 7. having the dread that I was going backwards after so much success in losing 9 pounds at my best point. 

Picking out the problems (excuses) are easy.  Overcoming the problems is not so easy.  Today I weighed in at 176.75, or 1.75 pounds up from where my halfway point was at 175.  The trend of going backwards is not good, but I was encouraged that I did not step back too far to recover.  The equation is simple in losing weight, eat less calories than you burn.  My biggest problem is when I get busy with work, it usually involves eating out with clients and eating too much.  This also correlates with not having time to go to the gym or being too lethargic or tired to workout after eating such a big meal for lunch or dinner.  This is the double killer and this is the entire purpose of my diet. 

I do not have a deeper answer right now than to try to work on my discipline and focus when I eat out.  The eDiets program has potential to be helpful with this, but to date has not helped me much with this issue other than helping me to eat better when I am at home.  Losing the other half of my weight loss goal will require me to knock out the other half of my discipline issues in terms of selecting healthier foods when I eat out for business.