eDiets Week 11 Day 4 - Don't "Workout" - "Play" - But Not Too Seriously

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Thu, 06/08/2006 - 7:16pm.

Since I haven't worked out much lately except for my weekend softball league, I thought that today I could write a little about my favorite exercises to see if I can get myself motivated.  In general, I prefer to play an actual physically demanding sport instead of being in the weight room.  Basketball, baseball/softball, soccor, gymnastics, flag football, anything that involves the actual joys that come from moving, interacting, and being creative is always my first choice.  When I play sports I don't feel like I am "working out" but I am basically doing full force cross training. 

In practicalily, the toughest thing for me is not playing the sport, but finding the time to get involved with something that is actually organized, challenging, but not filled with a bunch of guys that get all crazy when they lose a game and such.  Note to those guys out there who think that yelling, screaming, or getting down on your teammates in an adult recreational (or competitive for the matter) league is ok - "It's really not that important whether you win or not because you are not earning your living playing sports, you were not good enough to play as a pro, you never will be, and everybody else would just prefer that you were fun to be around, so get a grip!" 

All that being said, the competition part of the sports is what makes them worth playing (just don't get too serious).  Finding the right level of competitiveness is very important when picking a sports league or activity.  I find myself bored if I play with people who cannot keep at least the essence of the game in place.  However, I would rather play with a bunch of people playing volleyball at a party (and cheating by hitting the ball with an open hand and such) than I would play on a super competitive team that makes me feel stress during my time to get away from my worries of real life. 

If you have convinced yourself that you don't want to play sports because its not fun anymore, then most likely you just need a different sport, a different team, or a different level of competition to bring the joy back to you.