eDiets - Week 13 - Day 3 - Reinventing My Diet Wheel To Avoid The "Spare Tire"

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Wed, 06/21/2006 - 12:07pm.

     The equation for my weight loss is pretty simple.  When I workout regularly and eat reasonably, I can lose a few pounds.  I dropped off the 7-9 pounds that I was most concerned with and have reversed my pattern of gaining more and more weight.  Lately, I have lost the little bit of extra edge to push myself to keep losing weight.  This may be do to burnout, laziness, or something in between.  My challenge is to find something that will invigorate me to keep focused on losing weight but not make the "diet" process so stressful and exhausting that I lose focus on other goals I have in my life. 

     The eDiets plan has been both good and bad for me.  It has been good in that it gave me a reason to get started, the tools/plan/recipe's to change my diet, and a monitoring system to hold me accountable.  The fact that the eDiets plan is so flexible is what gave me enough hope for success to start the plan as opposed to blowing it off as a gimmick or fad like I do with most diets.  Now that I have had some success, then lost my momentum for a few weeks after rationalizing some things that are not in my eDiets plan, I am struggling to kickstart my behavior change for the long run and to lose the next 8 pounds or so to reach my target weight. 

I partially blame my downfall on the flexibility of the eDiets plan.  It gradually allowed me to feel confident in my own judgement as to what is good to eat and what is not.  This led me to stop using the recipes on the site and my girlfriend and I are now out of the rythm of following the diet to a tee.  True success will only happen if I focus and stick to the plan 100%. 

In my life in general, I feel like I have been working hard and with passion, but waiting for an extra positive nudge to get me to go above and beyond what other people would normally do.  This is a bad trend to continue as I have seperated myself from others by being willing to give just a few % more than everyone else and gradually would come out ahead of them.  I am not sure what will give me a boost to kick into gear, but I need to find it fast or I will be gaining the weight back soon.