eDiets - Week 14 - Day 2 - The Indirect Compliment Sure Beats a Root Canal

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Tue, 06/27/2006 - 1:16pm.

    As you know if you have been following my blogs, I am going through the process of braces as a 25 year old in a highly competitive corporate environment.  My braces don't bother me much except for the fact that I look young even without them and now the jokes just multiply.  My co-workers are all 40+ years old and my customers are nearly all 40+ and Senior level as well.  Getting them to listen to my sales pitch is pretty challenging without the braces, but having them really forces me to be 100% on top of my game.  My top teeth are pretty much done moving now and my bottom braces will be put on next week. 

Today, I went to my orthodontist appointment to get my fitting for my bottom braces and get my routine checkup.  Along with my normal othodontist, a second orthodontist was involved in helping me at this appointment.  I had never met her before, but she was helpful and nice.  She and my regular orthodontist and assistant were reviewing my original pictures of my teeth, including one of just a normal headshot with me smiling.  The female othodontist asked me if I was having difficulty eating and I said "no" because I really have not.  She asked me how much weight I have lost and I said, well about 8 pounds, but not because I am limiting my food because of my braces but because I am doing this new diet plan.  She said that she could tell I had lost weight because my face was slimmer than in January when I got my original orthodontic evaluation. 

This is the best compliment I have received during my eDiets plan so far.  She showed me the picture and I do look thinner in the face already.  A little positive motivation from a sincere, unbiased comment always beats a root canal!