eDiets - Week 14 - Day 5 - Moderation Planning For The Holiday Weekend

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Fri, 06/30/2006 - 1:40pm.

    The July 4th weekend is upon us and I have a friend visiting my girlfriend and I for the weekend, some parties, and other activities planned.  It probably would not hurt to lay out some ideas to moderate my food intake while I go out to all of these fun "special" events. 

    Since I live in Texas and have a visitor from out of town, it is very likely we will have Tex-Mex food for dinner one night this weekend.  The keys will be to moderate my eating during the day, not eat too many chips, avoid the margaritas if I can, drink plenty of water, and eat slowly.

   I hope to do at least one physically active activity both Saturday and Sunday.  A walk at a festival, a bike ride, swimming, or maybe a good old fashioned workout would be great!  If we go to a festival, I plan on trying to split food with my girlfriend so that we can both try foods that we don't get to eat very often, but also not fall off the wagon. 

   Avoiding the late night meal will be key as my buddie and I usually stay up late talking about politics, sports, philosophy, and more.  It is somewhat like a test to see who will fall asleep on the couch first because we both sure can talk up a storm when you get us engaged.  If we order a pizza, maybe we can get a veggie pizza with thin crust to lessen our calorie intake?

   We are going to at least one sports event at a spectator this weekend.  Moderating my hotdog, pizza, lemon-ice, and alcohol intake will be a challenge. 

   Tune in next week to see how I did!