Too Tired

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Sat, 08/12/2006 - 8:16pm.


Today I am exhausted. After I got through Noah’s second bout with Croup, now I have come down with what feels like a light virus or cold. I’m just so tired. Of course these always seemed to happen on the weekend that Noah is with his father and I am free to get lots of work done, or as is more often he case, goof off and go shopping. I always save that extra time for getting sick! Yea, me.

So, I haven’t gotten half the things done today that I need to. One of those very important things is my dissertation, which I am painfully close to finishing. You ever get that foggy, cognitively stagnant kind of feeling when you are sick? Like the hamster in the wheel in your brain isn’t moving so fast? This is my day. I keep staring at my dissertation statistics as if by sheer force of will they will calculate themselves. This has to do with Jenny Craig how, you ask? Well, because I am so foggy and tired, I have put off the gym for hours and I am afraid I won’t have the energy to go at all. I find it a little disturbing that after only a week I am so freaky about exercise. I started working out seriously about 5 weeks ago but until I began JC, I didn’t see any positive results. Wrong, I was positively gaining weight! But since this week on JC and losing so much right away, I’m afraid to ruin a good thing. I’m on a roll and I want it to stay that way. I decided my goal weight should be more like 125, a number I have not seen since I was 25. That’s 12 pounds away and it feels very daunting.

I guess because of this new goal weight and the motivation I feel from the first drop in pounds, I am hell bent on getting to work out every day. It would take a little more than a cold to keep me from the gym. Scarlet fever, ok. Dysentery, only slightly lower on the list. But a cold, no way. This cardio thing really works. I admit, I never believed people who said they could work out and diet and look great. I don’t know why I wouldn’t believe them. Maybe I thought it wasn’t in the cards for me. Like only “special” people could look that good and I was a mother, so forget it. I definitely do not think that way any more. So after this blog entry and possibly heavy doses of caffeine and vitamins, I will drag myself to the gym.

On a related note (hardly), last night, another convert of Jenny Craig and my closest friend, came over to hang out. This girl goes to the gym and watches her diet like a hawk and looks AMAZING! She is my inspiration. We cooked every vegetable in the house (ok, a little exaggeration) and spent almost an hour talking about food we missed eating. Does that happen to everyone? I would guess it does. Deprivation equals desperation. Nachos topped her list. Although they were high on mine, I would have to give the winning spot on my all time favorite food list to the “factory mud pie” from the Cheesecake Factory restaurant. That dessert is one I never tire of. What’s not to love? It is a huge slab of chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge icing, covered in scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and nuts. I’m drooling right now. Seriously, I feel like I might cry. Time to bite the bullet and go to the gym. Hope everyone is having a much better weekend than I am!!