More Ways to Go Crazy

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Mon, 09/18/2006 - 5:01pm.

Day 48
September 17, 2006

Today, no matter what I did to alleviate the misery, my son found ways to drive me crazy pretty much all day. When people try my patience, I go for food. Didn’t used to. But things change. In my old age I have become quite the little stress eater.

Today started off well enough. My son and I got up around 8:30. I had stayed up the night before putting a million photos into newly purchased photo albums (yet another project I had wanted to do for years). When I looked at the clock before bed I was totally shocked to find out it was 1:45 am. Oops. So much for lots of sleep before spending the day with a, shall we say, rambunctious toddler. When we got up, both in our respective pajamas (which looked unnervingly similar), Mommy had loads of coffee and turned on “super ninja warrior monkey robot team” or whatever they are calling cartoons these days. I needed some quiet before starting my day or I would have crashed and burned before it really ever got going. So after coffee and convincing Noah to dress, we went for a long walk in the neighborhood and got him a haircut along the way. Ingenious bastards, the hair cut people. They put all these cheapo toys right in the salon so your kid will freak out if they get their hair cut and have to leave the store empty handed. So after the world’s fastest haircut, (bless this woman’s ability to distract children), we purchased a gaudy looking blue sword (yes, the only toy he wanted) and headed out to walk around the neighborhood again. I think I was pretty lucky. In all of our travels that morning, I only had to carry Noah one block. That’s a record. I try to make him walk the whole way in order to tire him out.

Once we got home, Noah played a little with a water table and then wanted to take a nap. I passed out as well, even though I SHOULD have been working on the discussion section of my dissertation. My eyes just refused to stay open. After waking up and trying to force feed my son something nutritious for lunch, we headed out to the Halloween Superstore. Noah and I loved it because there are some cool displays and he has talked about nothing but Zorro for the last two weeks. Thank God they had Zorro costumes! Anyway, once home, Noah wanted to try everything on and run around the house ostensibly fighting bad guys.

I really tried to stay out doing activities. I pushed the park alternative about four times but he kept shooting it down. Said it was boring. Sigh. So, I even stooped as low as to offer to take him to McDonald’s, a thing I have NEVER done, just to get him to the bookstore and to get him to eat. It seems his body has been one strike for a few days. Also I won’t lie, I wanted to kill some time so we would be that much closer to bedtime. But all those suggestions were shot down! I cannot believe Noah said “no” to fast food. I’m actually kind of proud and would be more so if I weren’t so deeply, deeply disappointed that I couldn’t use up a few hours wandering around a mall and eating junk that would no doubt make him sleepy. The hours between 6:30 and bedtime seemed to take on a cartoonish quality about them. Time moved ridiculously slowly. It felt like much longer but for a few hours, but there was just sooooo much hyperactivity.

I have my limits. There is only so much screaming, jumping, running and pretend stabbing a woman can take. I need more Mommy friends to start playgroups with and take the pressure off! Anyhow, hours later, I got him to go to bed. It is 12:11am when I am writing this and I am beat!!

The point of all that back story is to say that when I get irritated and stressed I literally reach for food. It is as if in my brain there is a pathway between the “stress” blob and the “eat” blob (I’m not even going to try to get the terminology correct at this hour.) I go right for food. Well this time I did try as many activities as I could to distract myself and it worked. Honestly, they are short term strategies. What I need are more people around me to help pick up the slack when Noah is driving my nuts. Why are there never any playgroups at night or on weekends?