Jenny Would Be So Disappointed

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Tue, 09/26/2006 - 5:59pm.

Day 56
September 25, 2006

I am doing penance for my misdeeds over this past weekend. After all the junk, I expect I will weigh more than 132.6 (my last recorded weight) at my appointment on Friday. I fear the look of disappointment in my counselor’s eyes.

But first, a musing about my body and how it has changed since being on Jenny Craig:

First of all, I was surprised to find out that I didn’t feel so hot eating all the crappy food that I ate on Saturday and Sunday. My body before the diet could have handled a realistic amount of food variety and still been pretty much okay. But now, my body seriously rejects other foods. It does not have tolerance for any slip-ups and couldn’t handle the foods I subjected it to over the weekend. I felt sick and my stomach hurt. Secondly, after eating something I probably shouldn’t have, I had an aversion to it. For example, just the thought of ice cream or cake turned my stomach. This is something that has not happened in the past. It seems my body is making its food preferences known to me even if they are quite different than my cravings. I may crave cake but my body immediately rewards me with a wave of nausea if I eat more than a few bites. Interesting.

It has been strictly all JC all the time today (Monday). Just a few days off Jenny and my internal portion control meter is broken. I ate the JC Sunshine Sandwich (which is really their version of an Egg McMuffin) and went to work out. The work out was a disaster. I felt like I had sandbags tied to my legs. It was a struggle to get the Treadmill speed up to 3.5 when I usually can easily walk at 4.0 and then jog for a bit at 5.0. I felt the gains I made before the weekend were demolished. Isn’t that strange? You can go a few days without working out and eating right and it affects your body so quickly and so noticeably. I fought my way through a workout and ate a banana from my breakfast meal and a huge green salad. Did my usual lunch of diet coke and the JC baked potato. I felt pretty much ok but around dinner time I was ravenous. Nothing could satiate me. I tried all the steamed cauliflower and brussel sprouts I could manage (yes, I actually like both cauliflower and brussel sprouts), I ate my beef portobello JC dinner and the chocolate cake sliver for dessert but still felt munchy.

My JC counselor told me that when you still feel hungry and there is that gnawing ache in your gut, to remember that it is your body eating away the pounds. That’s supposed to make me feel better? It really didn’t and I went to bed unsatisfied. But hey, at least I went to bed without breaking my diet!