Submitted by L_ANSARI on Tue, 10/31/2006 - 5:37am.

Oct 29
Day 91

Yesterday, at my weigh in I learned that Jenny Craig was being purchased by Nestle. After I finished laughing I discussed the possible ramifications of this with my substitute JC counselor. She excitedly told me all about the new entrees they would carry once the take-over was complete. I believe this will happen around January or February. I think the company is doing a complete overhaul of the program. The fact that stuck with me is that they are bringing 30+ new items to the menu. Now that I can get excited about! One new item has already hit the freezer in my branch-the cashew chicken. I bought it and can’t wait to try it.

The limited menu has been my complaint since I started the program. There are relatively few choices considering how long some people are on the program before going on maintenance. I am surprised that more options haven’t been introduced. A few years back I half-heartedly tried the program for a few months and didn’t follow through with it. I definitely remember the menu and there is only one thing I can point to that has changed otherwise there have been a few new items that enjoyed a trial period and then were taken off the menu. So this is going to be a big deal at Jenny Craig. I wonder how Nestlé’s buy out will affect the food quality (if at all) of the JC meals. At least there will be more options. As a side note, when I was weighed and only lost half a pound, my sub counselor said “eh, it happens.”

I love her.