Other Diets Remembered

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Thu, 11/16/2006 - 4:43pm.

Day 108
November 15, 2006

I have been thinking about how this diet compares to other diets I have been on in the past (and I have been on a lot of them). The most common ones when I was younger tended to all have the same theme-restriction. I tried to live on diet shakes or just ate 500 calories a day. I could keep that up for awhile but not forever. Of course I gained weight back and let’s face it, I was much younger so I must work harder now to lose weight and look firm. I took for granted the firm thing when I was younger!

Atkin’s was the only diet that I have been on recently where I saw dramatic weight loss results. The first time I tried it I lost five pounds really quickly. I thought it was a dream come true. The nutritional equivalent of a winning lottery ticket. You get to eat good stuff and all you want? Sure! I have never been much of a fruit person and my IBS makes raw vegetables and certain sauces difficult on my digestive system. I could just eat meat, fish and cheese and be fine! Unfortunately, I came crashing down to earth. I don’ t know about other people who have been on Atkin’s but I sure noticed that a diet with a lot of cheese does not help you lose weight. It just didn’t for me. The only way to lose more than a few pounds for me was to cut out cheese. That seemed prove a point. Because it meant not only did Atkin’s not really work all that well for me in the weight loss department and may not really be a good diet plan; but also, hell, if I couldn’t eat cheese what’s the appeal of Atkin’s?

So, yes it does seem there is no magic potion. For me and my body, I do best with low calorie, low fat dieting and lots of exercise. Pity really. I always liked the idea of a quick fix.