I'm In A World Of Hurt

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Thu, 11/23/2006 - 5:51am.

Day 114
Nov. 21

It isn’t even thanksgiving yet and I am already eating way outside my diet. I was weighed last week and very happy to report that I evened out at 130.5. With the exercise 5 times a week and the JC diet, I have a body I am pretty happy with. It isn’t super toned or super skinny but I don’t look in the mirror at the gym and wince. I feel fit and trim. That’s all well and good but I am having serious problems merging my diet with my fiancé’s eating habits. He moved in last Wednesday and I immediately saw lack of willpower in my future. We went grocery shopping and he bought what he usually buys and it isn’t exactly diet food. Let’s just say there are two kinds of chips, five different flavors of ice cream, and four different candy bars in the house right now. I held out about one day…maybe half a day. Then I succumbed. First it started with crackers and peanut butter. I think I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t eating poorly if I was eating my own version of snack food and not candy/chips. Sadly, I tested the hypothesis by eating ten or twelve crackers and PB sandwiches, getting a really bad stomachache and going to bed. I woke up swollen and weighing a little more-theory disproved. You cannot eat like that and get away with it! Anyhow, the next day I indulged in Fiancé’s special Mac and cheese (with a pound of extra cheese) after eating my JC meal. Not good. Went to bed with a stomachache again. Tonight, while talking about heavy issues, I got nervous and ate some of the Almond Joy and Reese’s cup candy lying around. UGH. I have had a few conversations with him about hiding the candy or not letting me have it. Apparently I am a master of seduction because he says he can’t deny me when I have that cute look on my face and say I want a snack. I can’t blame him. He loses either way. I get mad if he gives in and I get mad if he “supports” me and tries to keep it away from me. I have been working out but there is only so much exercise can do. I need a plan!! What do I do?