Falling Off The Wagon...Again

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 6:27pm.

Dec 5, 2006
Day 126

This has not been a week conducive to dieting. That must be the reason I conveniently “forgot” to go to my weekly weigh-in at JC on Friday. There has been much unpacking and moving of items around the house. In fact, sometimes it feels like we are just moving boxes back and forth because they won’t fit in one closet but they might fit in the garage, etc. I find myself not eating full meals but snacking instead. I grab a cracker here and there. My partner has his ice cream out so I have a few spoonfuls. Oreo ice cream is hard for me to resist. I never gave it a second thought before but seeing it in person I decided to give it a chance. It was in fact very tasty.

I think it is harder than it was with just my son and I. A third party means there is that peer pressure for lack of a better word. I’ll give you an example, I walk into a room and both my son and new partner are eating macaroni and cheese. And I mean with extra added cheese. Mmmmm. Anyway, it is much harder for me to resist that than if I am fixing my son some food and then get him started eating while I fix myself a Jenny Craig meal and vegetables. If I am busy moving around I’m good. But if it’s all there waiting for me, that’s a little harder. I can’t tell if I’m just making excuses or not. Well, and to be fair to myself, the ice cream wouldn’t even be in the house. If there was ice cream for my son, I would make sure it was a flavor that he likes but I’m not crazy about. Oh, how I wish I had another freezer in the house to hide all these goodies in!

In addition to this, my sleep schedule is messed up because I find myself up at night going through files, trying to decide if they are in the “keep” or “throw away piles”. I look at the clock and it is close to 3am! That means I find myself napping during the day or waking up later (when I can) and that throws off my meal scheduling. All right, enough complaining. I must find a way to get back into the swing of things. It better happen fast because my lower belly in starting to protrude over my Capri yoga pants. Not a good sign.