Factory of Temptation

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Sat, 12/23/2006 - 10:45pm.

Dec 14, 2006
Day 135

I admit that I haven’t been doing very well recently. Now that my fiancé is here, I go out to eat regularly on Friday night. We have a short lived debate about where to go which usually ends in only one answer, The Cheesecake Factory. I don’t know why but we feel comfortable there so that’s where we end up. But I dare anyone to resist the temptations of the quesadilla, pot stickers or pile of chicken and dumplings! Perhaps it is because it is where we first met up again after 15 years to talk and eat until they closed the restaurant. Maybe it is because the menu is as long as a Dickens novel and represents food from pretty much everywhere. Whatever the reason is, we keep going back. We chat about light topics over coffee and appetizers, we do some financial budgeting, future planning and gossiping about people over entrees and reminisce about the past over dessert. It works. It’s awesome. It also results in a massive stomachache for me later on in the evening.

Now, since I keep doing this every Friday night, it throws my body out of whack and certainly my exercise schedule. I weighed myself and have gained three pounds! Ohhhh. This is bad, bad news. I need advice on how to cohabitate without it being my downfall. Yes, I have asked my man to help me. I asked for support and even flat out told him to remind me how much it hurts my stomach (IBS) and to flat out refuse if I ask for a bite of his food. Now, being the sweet man that he is, he tries to say no to me but then looks at my blinky eyes and gives in. I have put him in an impossible position! I ask him for support and then get all “food manipulator” on him. This does not bode well for the holidays.