Winter Holiday Tips From Jenny Craig

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Sat, 12/23/2006 - 10:50pm.

December 17, 2006
Day 138

Winter Holiday Tips From JC

So, I recently picked up this guide to holiday eating from JC and finally got around to looking at it. I received a similar guide for Halloween but didn’t get around to posting some of the hilarious “suggestions” Jenny Craig has. The Christmas tips sheet isn’t so bad. But there are still a few Tips that I find irritating and would love to share my frustration with the Diet Channel community!!

Things I Agree with:

1. “Shopping at the grocery store on a full stomach.” Always a good idea in my book.
2. “Set a goal weight for the holidays. Take into consideration your holiday schedule and decide if it is reasonable to maintain your weight or set a more reasonable weight loss goal.” I like this. It is realistic.
3. “Ask family and friends to support you during the holiday season.” Yes! This is important. Friends gotta have your back.
4. “Revisit your original motivation for starting the program. What made you join? Are those things still important to you now?”-This helps me personally stay focused or know when it is ok to take a break from the diet.
5. “Relax and focus on yourself for at least 15 minutes a day”-I am so glad JC said this. I have picked up a new habit in the last few years. I used to stop eating when I was anxious and tense but now I eat! It is good to remember to slow down and breathe so I don’t just jam food into my mouth!

Things I Think Are Silly About The Tip Sheet:

1. “When you are feeling especially stressed, take a brisk walk around the block to help calm you down and lift your spirits”- good in theory, bad if you have anything that prevents you from jumping up and walking down the street at your leisure, say work? Children? Pouring rain? Sleet?
2. “Get a group together and go caroling throughout the neighborhood”- uhhhhhhh, ok Jenny.
3. “While holiday shopping, take an extra lap or two around the mall. You’ll get your heart going and get some great gift ideas as you stroll by the stores!”- I get the sentiment, but how many of us have time to run laps in the mall when we are rushing to get shopping done in a very short period of time with children in tow!!!!

Ok, that's it. Just wanted to share.