Sonoma Diet: Sacrificing A Little Can Mean A Lot

Submitted by Richat35 Health... on Wed, 08/23/2006 - 8:31pm.

    My team dinner at the high end restaurant went fairly well last night, but was not aligned with my plan as I had wine (not allowed in wave 1).  I limited my alcohol consumption to only 2-3 glasses of wine over the course of cocktails, dinner, and the wine bar outing.  For dinner, I had only a taste of the appetizer bread and fried food.  Despite the temptation, I avoided the blue cheeze drenched fried potatoe chips entirely.  They taste great, but I bet they take a day off my life every time I have them. 

    My main course was a flat steak served with mushrooms.  It was fantastic!  It might have been a little bit larger portion than what I was supposed to have, but my thinking was that it's better to fill up on some nice steak than leave myself open to picking at the blue cheese potato chips or calamari. 

   Overall, I am proud of my choices.  I felt part of the team, but did not gain 5 pounds in the process.  While I was not dead on with my plan, if Sonoma Diet helps me make choices like I did last night, then it is a complete success.