It's OK to eat candy

Submitted by Chrissie Field on Mon, 05/08/2006 - 10:46pm.

It's ok to eat candy, as long as you control the candy - the candy doesn't control you. That was the theme of this week's Weight Watchers' meeting. Weight Watchers is a weight control program for real people. It takes into account the fact that food is one of the best parts of life - and the fact that most of us are born to like sweet things and, let's face it - yes, that we're all very flawed.

The program doesn't make you give up the things that make life worth living, like the flambe'd bananas over vanilla ice cream I had at my reunion this weekend. It simply teaches that you need to be in control when you indulge. You need to anticipate the indulgence, plan for it, decide how much you're going to eat in advance, account for the points and stop when you've hit your point limit.

When I first heard this I thought it sounded a bit contrived. You're asking me to do what? But then it dawned on me that this is exactly the way I approach the tables in Las Vegas. When it comes to my money, I plan my trip in advance, decide how much cash I'm going to lose at the tables - enjoy every minute of the gambling rush, and then, when I've hit my limit, I walk away and call it a night.

So, now I think - if I'm so disciplined about rationing my cash, and if I have the discipline to walk away when the fun is over - why can't I approach eating candy and ice cream and bananas flambe the same way? 

It's too soon to tell you if I can maintain this level of control long enough to make a difference - but it did work Saturday night at my reunion. I knew it was going to be a decadent night - so I promised myself that I'd stick to one glass of wine and 1/2 the dessert. And that much I was able to do. Not a big win - but as good as leaving Vegas with $20 more than you came with.