Just Say No

Submitted by Chrissie Field on Fri, 05/26/2006 - 9:20pm.

My mother is a bit of a "Mary Sunshine". She generally has a sunny disposition and raised her two daugthers to be shiny happy people. Overall, I have no complaints with that. But one of the consequences of that, or shall I say, one of the lessons that has been firmly entrenched, is to say "yes" to everything.

"Can you stay late tonight and finish the budget?" "Yes."

"As Jack's auntie, will you help me with the 30 kids we invited to Jack's third birthday party?" "Yes."

"I'm really in the mood for something sweet. How about dessert tonight?" "Yes."

And, there lies the problem. I'm agreeable. I'm a pleaser. I go along to be easy, to be sociable, to make others happy. I've realized that most of my bad eating happens when I'm trying to go along with the crowd. 

I had planned on having veggie burgers and salad last night for dinner. My boyfriend wanted sushi. We had sushi. Then he wanted dessert. We had ice cream.

Today for lunch, I brought a salad to work. A friend called and asked me to meet her for a quick bite. I haven't seen her in awhile. I had a burrito. The salad is going bad in the fridge.

Tonight, friends invited us to "Biscuit and Blues" - a restaurant/nightclub -  can you guess what's on the menu? Buttermilk biscuits, jambalaya, fried catfish, chocolate pecan pie. Need I go on?

 I need to learn to say no. I need to learn to be comfortable offering up another alternative - one that I can participate in and still stay on my diet.