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DAY 130:Skip the Dressing

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Sat, 09/16/2006 - 1:21am.

Today, I decided to make my own light Caesar dressing for a salad I was making for myself.  I printed off the recipe and prepared all the ingredients.  I enjoy a spicy Caesar dressing, so I followed the directions to add a heated flare to the recipe.  It looked different, but not abnormal.  I might have been a bit generous with the portion because I had made it and wanted to thoroughly enjoy my creation. I sat down at the dinner table and began to eat my salad masterpiece….

DAY 127:When I Like Music

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Tue, 09/12/2006 - 7:50pm.

When I exercise, I like to listen to music.  I own a MP3 player with a band that attaches to my arm.  This little device gives me hours of my favorite music.  It gets me pumped up as well as takes my mind off of what I am doing.  Instead of running a mile and thinking about it the whole time, I am humming a song and thinking about the lyrics.  It also takes my mind of being worn out and helps me to focus. 


Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Sun, 09/10/2006 - 12:45am.

I have taken vitamins off and on my whole life.  I understand the reasoning behind doing so.  Your body needs a certain amount of a variety of vitamins to operate at its potential.  These are technically supposed to be derived from ones daily diet.  That is not usually the case though, especially in the fast food age my generation has grown up in.  I sincerely doubt the extra value meal at any of the fast food chains satisfy any daily allowances except for the fat, sodium, and sugar one needs.

DAY 121: Halfway There

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Wed, 09/06/2006 - 8:26pm.

I know I am probably not shedding the pounds as quickly as the Zone Diet intends, but I am making progress.  I usually avoid the weight scale in the bathroom, but not today.  I decided to jump on and take a chance.  I was delightfully surprised by a number that represented half of my goal.  I have finally hit the half way point on my way to success. 

DAY 118:Exercise Not Required

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Sun, 09/03/2006 - 9:36pm.

I just finished a mile and a half run that was pretty tough and tiring.  There were times when I really did not want to finish, but I pushed myself to do so, and I feel great.  Running is not my favorite past time, but I love the way I feel afterwards. 

DAY 115: Something Smells Fishy

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Thu, 08/31/2006 - 9:27pm.

I have like fish since I was a child.  My Dad lived in Florida, and eating fish we caught was a normal occurrence.  Sadly I only know how to clean a fish from memory, since I no longer fish, but I still love seafood.  Fish fry’s were huge when I was growing up and I ate fried fish whenever I could.  I apologize Zone Diet.  I did not know. 

DAY 112:Zone Diet Meals?

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Tue, 08/29/2006 - 12:29am.

Has anyone tried the Zone Diet meals? I have seen them on the web site and the site has been marketing them in several of the daily emails. I just wonder if they are like the frozen food meals at the grocery store. I have not seen them in my local grocery stores and I am not aware if you can order them or not. Some of them look pretty good.

DAY 109:A Mans Man

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Fri, 08/25/2006 - 11:57pm.

I am a man’s man in a lot of ways, which helps you understand that I like meat. I would it a steak every night if I knew I could get a way with it. On the flip side, I like sausage and bacon for breakfast. I know that these items are definitely not part of the Zone Diet.


Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Tue, 08/22/2006 - 6:08pm.

I have been a staunch activist against drinking caffeine laden sodas since the latter part of my college career.  I have helped my friends cut down their intake to around one or two a week.  Now I have begun slipping.  I find myself drinking several a week now.  I believe this new trend can be linked to other caffeine indulgences.  Coffee is a staple in my business, and with some of the flavored creamer to accompany it, the hot beverage is hard to say no to.  I then thought of replacing coffee with hot tea, like green tea, and then I found out it also contained caffeine.  This is a tough drug to kick.


Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Sun, 08/20/2006 - 12:07am.

I have got to say, that I really like getting these emails from the Zone Diet.  For someone like me who enjoys eating and cooking and trying new things, it is a gold mine.  Granted, some of the suggestions are beyond me, as I have posted before, but they truly have a lot of insight.  Recipes that seem easy but you just don’t think about are broken down to a basic level many time as well as reminders about recipe you know about and have forgotten.