You spin me right ‘round baby

Submitted by Hillary on Thu, 03/01/2007 - 8:11pm.

I tried my first spinning class tonight. Everyone kept telling me it would be the perfect exercise to help me break through a plateau and take my fitness to a higher level. Plus, Becky has been after me to try a class with her. I wasn’t sure about it. Part of me was worried it would be too hard and I’d pass out and fall off the bike, or throw up or something equally humiliating. But it really wasn’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong – it was hard – good hard! My first clue about what I was really in for was when I got there and Becky said “You made it! I’m so glad. Hey, I brought you a towel and a water bottle because I forgot to tell you that you’d need them.” Forgot, or conveniently neglected to mention it so I wouldn’t freak out ahead of time? Probably a smart move on her part, since I was already anxious.

Anyway, I got one heck of a workout, and in only 45 minutes too. It was a little intimidating at first, particularly since it was all guys except for Becky, me, and one other women, but I held my own, I think. And boy did I need that towel and bottle of water. But the class was great. The instructor was easy to follow and played good music. For some reason, the whole spinning room is lit with blacklights, which I don’t get. Maybe that keeps it cooler somehow? It certainly made me look linty. So spinning, definitely makes it on to my exercise list.

Now, let’s just hope I can walk tomorrow.