May 10

Submitted by Amy Mindless Ea... on Thu, 05/10/2007 - 12:56pm.

Today has been a good day. Monday was my first day with a personal trainer and i just loved it! i wish i could afford to have her train me everyday but for now once a week is all i get. she did give me a copy of the workout we did so that ican do it on my own though. tonight will be my first time doing that routine by myself. tuesday i didn't have time to workout and wednesday i was not feeling well. tomorrow is tae kwon sculpt class. i really enjoy it and there is not too many people in that class so it is not as intimidating.
tonight dinner will be chili with just me and ds. hubby has to work and dd has gone out of town on a band trip. should be nice and quiet at my house. maybe i will get to sleep early, we'll see.