Surviving the Sweet Train!!!!!!

Submitted by Carolyn on Wed, 02/27/2008 - 1:44pm.

OK..........the last time we talked, I was trying NOT to gain the infamous "Twelve Pounds of Christmas". I hope everyone made it through without the old holiday velcro belt!!!!! Now, if I can only hold on until April 30th. Why April 30th? Well, that's my birthday and my annual "cut out the sweets for the next six months" day. The way I see it, the Christmas trees haven't quite made it to the recycling area when the Valentine chocolates hit the market. What's up with the chocolate AND the Valentine lingerie on display IN THE SAME AREA OF THE DEPARTMENT STORES!!!!!! Is that considered effective marketing???And now that we can buy the valentine marshmallow hearts at 75% off - the dreaded Easter marshmallow PEEPS are multiplying quickly (how do they do that?). Ah....the chocolate bunnies with those hollow ears calling my name from every candy aisle in the city. But in the end, before making that buy one get one free purchase, I remember how I felt after binging on chocolate. I remember how it felt to not be able to eat just one because chocolate is one of those trigger foods and I realize that in a few short weeks, the chocolate displays will be gone and here in Florida, it's just too hot for chocolate in the summer. After April 30th, I'll be ok until Halloween. Do I still have chocolate now and then? Yes. But I purchase a bag of "fun size" candy, take one or two (dark chocolate is my favorite and according to medical is ACTUALLY GOOD FOR ME.) I then leave the bag in the "community food" area of the office and run so as not to be injured by the group when someone yells "Hey - free candy!!!" Remember, it's just surviving the sweet train that will be pulling back into the station shortly. Not that I'll EVER be part of the Cabo bikini crowd, but I'm 100 pounds lighter with no weight gain over the past two and one half years. I take it one day at a time.