The BIG 58!!!!

Submitted by Carolyn on Tue, 04/29/2008 - 7:47am. tomorrow is a big day for more than one reason. It is the "cut off" date for chocolates and I'm SAFE until Halloweeen. From May through the end of October it is way too hot for chocolate in Florida and there are no summer holidays that celebrate dark chocolate. It's now fresh fruit and refreshing sugar free beverages for me!!!!

It's also my 58th birthday. It's time to take a look back at the last year. I'm still trying to move forward and let go of the bad habits that kept me from living and enjoying life.

After my husband's death, I promised myself that I would live everyday as if it was my last. This meant being GOOD to myself, taking care of my health, losing weight (PERMANENTLY) and maybe, on a really good day, help someone do the same. The last year has presented many opportunities to get the word out, including the Today Show appearance and my Diet Channel blog. I also realized that my weight loss story is my new "purpose". I have been given this opportunity to help others and I have a new found passion.

My goal for the upcoming year is to treat everyday as my last, give thanks and help others. I have been given many gifts and I need to pay them forward. Remember ONE DAY AT A TIME. Take it easy..........