Why Planet Fitness Is Bad

Title: The Dark Side of Planet Fitness: 14 Common Questions Answered


Planet Fitness, a well-known gym chain, has gained popularity for its affordable membership fees and casual fitness environment. However, as with any business, there are both positive and negative aspects to consider. In this article, we delve into the reasons why Planet Fitness may not be the best fit for everyone. We will address 14 common questions and provide detailed answers to shed light on the downsides of this fitness establishment.

1. Is Planet Fitness truly a judgment-free zone?
While Planet Fitness promotes itself as a judgment-free zone, it has been criticized for its “lunk alarm” policy, which discourages hardcore workouts and intimidates certain individuals who may feel self-conscious.

2. How does Planet Fitness limit its members from achieving their fitness goals?
Planet Fitness offers a limited range of exercise equipment, catering primarily to beginners. This may hinder the progress of more advanced fitness enthusiasts who require more challenging equipment and training methods.

3. What is the “pizza night” deal and why is it concerning?
Planet Fitness hosts “pizza nights” where they offer free pizza to members. This questionable practice contradicts their mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and can sabotage members’ fitness goals.

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4. Are their personal trainers adequately trained?
While Planet Fitness provides personal trainers, their qualifications and expertise may vary. Many trainers are not required to hold nationally recognized certifications, potentially compromising the quality of guidance and training they provide.

5. Is Planet Fitness as cost-effective as it seems?
While their membership fees may be low, Planet Fitness often charges additional fees for services like tanning, hydro massage, and even access to certain locations. These hidden costs can quickly add up.

6. How crowded are Planet Fitness locations?
Due to the low prices and the brand’s popularity, Planet Fitness locations are often overcrowded, leading to longer wait times for equipment and a less enjoyable workout experience.

7. What is the “lunk alarm,” and why is it controversial?
The “lunk alarm” is a loud siren that is triggered when someone grunts or drops weights too loudly. This policy can create a hostile environment and discourage serious lifters from joining or continuing their workouts at Planet Fitness.

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8. How does Planet Fitness maintain its low prices?
To keep their membership fees low, Planet Fitness cuts costs in various ways, such as limited staff availability and minimal customer service, leaving members with less support and assistance.

9. Is Planet Fitness equipment of good quality?
While Planet Fitness does provide basic workout equipment, it is generally not of the highest quality. This can limit members’ ability to progress and may pose safety concerns for serious fitness enthusiasts.

10. Can you cancel your Planet Fitness membership easily?
Planet Fitness has received criticism for its cumbersome cancellation process, often requiring members to visit the gym in person or send certified letters, making it difficult for people to cancel their memberships.

11. How inclusive is Planet Fitness towards all body types?
Planet Fitness’s “no judgment” policy should extend to all body types, but some members have reported instances of body shaming and discomfort due to the gym’s casual environment.

12. Are there limitations on the duration of workouts at Planet Fitness?
Though not explicitly stated, there have been reports of Planet Fitness discouraging members from extended workouts, which can be problematic for those who prefer longer training sessions or have specific fitness goals.

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13. Does Planet Fitness offer a variety of fitness classes?
While some Planet Fitness locations offer fitness classes, the selection is often limited compared to other gyms. This can hinder members seeking a diverse range of workout options.

14. Is Planet Fitness ideal for serious athletes or bodybuilders?
Planet Fitness caters primarily to beginners and individuals looking for a casual workout experience. Serious athletes or bodybuilders may find the gym’s limited equipment and policies restrictive to their training needs.


While Planet Fitness may be an affordable option for those seeking a casual workout environment, it falls short in various areas. From its limited equipment and questionable practices to its lack of inclusivity and support for serious fitness enthusiasts, there are valid concerns to consider. It is crucial for individuals to assess their fitness goals and requirements before committing to a gym membership, ensuring that their chosen establishment aligns with their needs and aspirations.

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